Nicola Foster Portrait

Loupe & Facet is a collection of Scottish makers selected by Nicola Foster. 

About Nicola

After graduating from Jewellery at the Glasgow School of Art, I worked for jewellers in both sales and supply chain but grew frustrated at the lack of provenance. I felt the need to create a shop which is maker focused, aiming to connect the customer with the story behind each product and talented individuals who made them.
I believe that the difference between craft and mass-production is the heart and soul of the maker. It’s that heart and soul that through Loupe and Facet I want to feature by putting it under the loupe. Our beautiful, unique edit of Scottish made products brings that passion to you. Loupe & Facet is committed to supporting makers develop and to promoting the Scottish crafts industry. I started developing Loupe & Facet in 2017 to bring Scottish craft to the urban home.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the thoughtfully-considered range.